Ransomware the go-to hack for cybercriminals amid bitcoin rally, glut of stolen data

6/28/2017 WASHINGTON - A recent outbreak of ransomware attacks, from the WannaCry worm in May to Tuesday's infection of thousands of computer systems around the globe, shows that digital stickups are becoming the go-to hack for cybercriminals, fueled by ...

Shifr Ransomware-as-a-Service Portal Only Takes a 10% Cut From Every Payment

6/27/2017 The world has seen multiple ransomware-as-a-service tools over the past months. Even though one could argue the market is on the brink of getting saturated, that does not appear to be the case.

How to protect your computer against the latest ransomware attack

6/27/2017 Symantec cyber security manager Nick Savvides believes the latest ransomware attack could affect any Windows computer. However, he says it could only spread from a computer to others on a network if the infected machine's operating system was not ...

Petya cyber-attack: Cadbury factory the first Australian business hit by ransomware

6/27/2017 Mike Sentonas, the regional vice-president of the US cybersecurity company CrowdStrike Inc, said it was unclear how many Australian computers were affected by the latest attack but “what is different about this ransomware is its ability to spread, even ...

Cisco: Network intuitive puts us several years ahead of the competition

6/27/2017 Speaking during Cisco Live Las Vegas this week, Borno said the company's customers were "blown away" when Cisco told them it would be able to detect malware in encrypted threat traffic while maintaining privacy without decrypting the data -- something ...

Cyber attack hits global businesses and Ukraine government

6/27/2017 “The network is down,” he wrote. Some security researchers said that the attack used the same flaw exploited during the WannaCry breaches. That would make systems that have not been updated since that attack particularly vulnerable. Mikko Hypponen ...

Ransomware 2.0 blitzes several Indian, European companies

6/27/2017 MUMBAI| NEW DELHI | BENGALURU: About a month after Wanna-Cry locked up thousands of computers, a new wave of ransomware attacks targeted users across the world, including India and Europe.

UK National Cyber Security Centre says it is 'aware of global ransomware incident'

6/27/2017 The UK's National Cyber Security Centre says it is aware of a cyber attack spreading around the world amid fears of disruption to infrastructure including banking and transport.

Massive cyberattack targets Europe, US

6/27/2017 Microsoft issued a patches for the exploits in March. Microsoft said it found that the ransomware is using multiple techniques to spread, including one that was addressed by the security patch released in March. It is continuing to investigate. The ...

New cyberattack causes mass disruption in Europe

6/27/2017 “Data breaches and cyber hacks are one of the biggest risks facing business worldwide,” said Michelle Crorie, a partner at law firm Clyde & Co.

Last Chance to Join ICO of Crypviser, The Blockchain Based Encrypted Communication Network

6/27/2017 Instead, Crypviser's encrypted network meets cryptography high standards to enable people to speak about and share private information, without a fear it can be decrypted or found out.

These Are the Known Targets in the Petya Ransomware Attack So Far

6/27/2017 A global ransomware attack on Tuesday hit computers at Russia's biggest oil company, Ukraine's international airport, global shipping firm A.P.

What is the Petya ransomware attack, and how can it be stopped?

6/27/2017 Many organizations in Europe and the US have been crippled by a ransomware attack dubbed “Petya”. The malicious software has spread through large firms including the advertiser WPP, food company Mondelez, legal firm DLA Piper and Danish shipping ...

WannaCry again? Hackers strike across Europe, India not affected

6/27/2017 According to the publicly available data in spite of expert's recommendations many companies have already started paying to the hackers. "Ransom payments seem to be coming in faster than with WannaCry Up to 20 now, approaching $5k," Nitin Bhatnagar, ...

Could Hackers in Oakland, Calif., Revolutionize Autonomous Cars?

6/27/2017 Each month, teams of hackers gather at a vacant West Oakland warehouse where they go head-to-head in a battle to see whose car is fastest, or at least, which one can complete the course.

Hackers with pro-ISIS message hit state Department of Health website

6/27/2017 The state Department of Health website was among those targeted this week by hackers posting pro-ISIS messages. The hacking was discovered Monday morning and fixed that afternoon, according to a department spokesman. State officials are now ...

Cyberattack Hits Ukraine Then Spreads Internationally

6/27/2017 Like the WannaCry attacks in May, the latest global hacking took control of computers and demanded digital ransom from their owners to regain access.

Cyberattack on local hospital group part of global ransomware attack

6/27/2017 One of the area's largest health networks confirms it was a victim of the worldwide ransomware cyber-attack. Heritage Valley Health System is a $480 million network serving four Pennsylvania counties as well as parts of Ohio and West Virginia.

Cyberattack hits the world's biggest shipping company

6/27/2017 ... reporting that 17 shipping container terminals run by APM Terminals had been hacked, including two in Rotterdam and 15 in other parts of the world.

Petya cyber attack: Cadbury chocolate factory in Tasmania hit by ransomware

6/27/2017 The Tasmanian Cadbury chocolate factory has been targeted by a ransomware attack which is affecting the company's IT system, the ABC understands.

Widespread Cyberattack, More Sophisticated Than WannaCry, Hits Major European Companies

6/27/2017 "While it has several strings similar to Petya, it possesses entirely different functionality," said Kaspersky, which dubbed the malware "ExPetr" and "NotPetya." A message on a cash machine for Ukraine's state-owned bank Oschadbank demanded $300 worth ...

Tale of two murders

6/27/2017 For the next three months, Moulin and the High Tech Crimes Task Force examined “nearly a dozen items of digital evidence ... including devices requiring complex analysis and specialized software and had provided APD with four forensic reports,” Moulin ...

Vaccine, not Killswitch, Found for Petya (NotPetya) Ransomware Outbreak

6/27/2017 Initially, researchers believed this new ransomware was a new version of an older threat called Petya, but they later discovered that this was a new strain altogether, which borrowed some code from Petya, hence the reason why they recently started it ...

Ransomware Attack on DLA Piper Serves as a Warning Sign for Law Firms

6/27/2017 But the ransomware attack Tuesday on DLA Piper sounded a different type of alarm for Big Law. The world's biggest firms are just as prone to ransomware attacks as any other company, and the potential ramifications of a network-crippling malware ...

What is ransomware and how can you stop it affecting YOUR computer?

6/27/2017 The rapidly spreading cyber extortion campaign underscored growing concerns that businesses have failed to secure their networks. The ransomware virus crippled computers running Microsoft Corp's Windows by encrypting hard drives and overwriting files, ...

PetrWrap: what you need to know about today's global ransomware attack

6/27/2017 Windows computers around the world are locking up and displaying the stark, black-and-red message you see above in the wake of another major ransomware attack. This is PetrWrap, a new ransomware tool built from the bones of Petya, which held users' ...

Shipping Giant Maersk Suffering Global Outage After Petya Ransomware Attack

6/27/2017 The RTV report said computers were infected by ransomware that encrypted hard drives at APM Terminals. The container shipping industry has lagged some other sectors in bringing more of its processes online.

Massive cyberattack spreads ransomware across Europe, US

6/27/2017 According to American cybersecurity researchers, the ransomware attack used a global spam campaign to trick computer users into downloading malicious software that locks them out of their devices until they pay $300 in Bitcoin.

AP Explains: What is ransomware?

6/27/2017 Computers around the world were locked up and users' files held for ransom in a cyberattack Tuesday that paralyzed some hospitals, government offices and major multinational corporations.

Today's global ransomware attack weaponized software updates

6/27/2017 When the Wannacry ransomware tore through the UK and Europe in May, there was a certain logic to the heightened scale of damage.

Cyber attack sweeps globe, researchers see 'WannaCry' link

6/27/2017 It included code known as "Eternal Blue," which cyber security experts widely believe was stolen from the U.S. National Security Agency and was also used in last month's ransomware attack, named "WannaCry." "Cyber attacks can simply destroy us," said ...

Hackers target European businesses, banks, services in new cyberattacks

6/27/2017 Danish shipping conglomerate A.P. Moller-Maersk was one of multiple European companies to fall victim Tuesday to a cyberattack as Ukrainian government officials reported a “large-scale hacker attack” across the country. >> Read more trending news.

Russian hackers didn't target South Carolina, but the State Election Commission is looking for cybersecurity help

6/27/2017 Voters at James Island Charter High School cast ballots in November's presidential election. The State Election Commission says South Carolina was not one of the 21 states that federal officials say were targeted by Russian hackers, but the state is ...

8Track Hacked: 18M accounts from music social network site stolen

6/27/2017 It must be noted that HaveIbeenPwned website shows all sample emails are already part of previous data breaches including Adobe, MySpace, Tumblr, River City Media Spam List, Anti-Public Combo List and Dropbox, etc.

Questions Loom for Healthcare's Data Security

6/27/2017 With these breaches in mind, a growing number of conversations about data security invoke blockchain technology as a potential solution.

Global cyber attack latest: What we know so far as huge cyber attack spreads across world

6/27/2017 ... that has not been seen before. “That is why we have named it NotPetya. The company's telemetry data indicates around 2,000 attacked users so far.

Half Of Smart Household Gadgets Tested By Which? Vulnerable To Attack By Cybercriminals

6/27/2017 According to a report in Daily Mail, families are at risk from hackers taking advantage of security flaws in connected gadgets. A survey of 15 devices by the consumer group Which?

Pinterest Takes Steps to Hack-Proof Your Account

6/27/2017 The peaceful, pastel and doily-filled world of Pinterest is my oasis. My account conveys who I want to be and what I want to accomplish, so the idea of someone hacking it and ruining my favorite escape for me is heartbreaking. Fortunately, Pinterest ...

How to pack light: Kathmandu pack master reveals his tricks

6/27/2017 BEST PACKING HACK. “Use packing cells. I can't believe I ever travelled without them. You can divvy everything up into organised blocks, even if you're not an organised person, the reality is that you do need to be a little bit organised when you ...

The Latest: Email service pulled plug on ransomware account

6/27/2017 In a blog post, the Posteo service said it blocked the email address "immediately" after learning that it was being used as a point of contact for the ransomware's presumed creators. The post said the block happened around midday in Germany, well ...

New ransomware cyberattack causes mass disruption in Europe

6/27/2017 The number of companies and agencies reportedly affected by the ransomware campaign was piling up fast, and the electronic rampage appeared to be rapidly snowballing into a real-world crisis.

Ransomware virus hits computer servers across the globe

6/27/2017 Hit hard: Dutch shipping company A.P. Moller-Maersk said every branch of its business was affected. AP. Paris, June 27, 2017 22:41 IST.

It's already too late for today's ransomware victims to pay up and save their computers

6/27/2017 After thousands of infections, the new Petya ransomware has run into its first major problem, as a German email provider has blocked the email account the virus was using to manage ransom demands.

Olfeo Selects Lastline to Bolster Security with Advanced Malware Detection

6/27/2017 Available immediately, the seamless and proven integration of Lastline's advanced malware file analysis into Olfeo's web security gateway will strengthen the environment of trust on the Internet for the most demanding customers.

New malware hits JNPT operations as APM Terminals hacked globally

6/27/2017 “We have been informed that the operations at GTI have come to a standstill because their systems are down (due to the malware attack). They are trying to work manually,” a senior JNPT official told PTI tonight. The official explained that JNPT is ...

Global ransomware attack causes turmoil

6/27/2017 Experts suggest the malware is taking advantage of the same weaknesses used by the Wannacry attack last month. "It initially appeared to be a variant of a piece of ransomware that emerged last year," said computer scientist Prof Alan Woodward.

NSA knew about the vulnerability exploited by NotPetya for over 5 years

6/27/2017 The National Security Agency (NSA) began using a hacking tool called EternalBlue more than five years ago. During that time, the agency discovered its unparalleled ability to breach networks, a flaw considered so dangerous within the NSA it considered ...

Microsoft bringing EMET back as a built-in part of Windows 10

6/27/2017 Microsoft's EMET, the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, was a useful tool for hardening Windows systems. It used a range of techniques—some built in to Windows, some part of EMET itself—to make exploitable security flaws harder to reliably exploit.

Hackers hit 75% of drillers as sketchy monitoring is blamed

6/27/2017 NEW YORK (Bloomberg) -- Three out of four oil and natural gas companies fell victim to at least one cyber attack last year as hacking efforts against the industry become more frequent and sophisticated. That's the finding from a report released Monday ...

Ukraine cyber attack: Chaos as national bank, state power provider and airport hit by hackers

6/27/2017 Ukraine's national bank, state power company and largest airport are among the targets of a huge cyber attack on government infrastructure.

New cyberattack causes mass disruption globally (Update)

6/27/2017 "Data breaches and cyber hacks are one of the biggest risks facing business worldwide," said Michelle Crorie, a partner at law firm Clyde & Co.

New Cyberattack Causes Mass Disruption in Europe

6/27/2017 A new and highly virulent outbreak of malicious data-scrambling software appears to be causing mass disruption across the world, hitting companies and governments in Europe especially hard.

Health systems tout Security CIS Controls in fight against cybercriminals

6/27/2017 Health systems tout Security CIS Controls in fight against cybercriminals. Having a framework that is easy to use and understand is making all the difference for systems like Butler Health.

CyberGym Makes Sure You Know What It Really Feels To Get Hit By A Cyberattack

6/27/2017 ... infrastructure, IT systems, and physical plant and equipment as well as the business continuity and reputation of the organization represented by the “Blue Team”—the trainees—using technological and non-technological means such as social engineering.

Lacework Announces 14-Day Free Trial of Zero-Touch Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)

6/27/2017 Matt Bromiley, a SANS Digital Forensics and Incident Response instructor, will share his experience with the product, including ease of use, including the concept of "zero touch" and how the product can assist with breach detection, insight into ...

Federal review debunks Georgia election hack accusation

6/27/2017 ATLANTA (AP) - Allegations that the federal government tried to hack Georgia's election systems were unfounded, according to a letter the Department of ...

China's quantum satellite in big leap

6/27/2017 Quantum privacy in many ways should be like the encryption that already keeps our financial data private online. ... Quantum cryptography, as it is called, goes one step further, by using the power of quantum science to hide the key. As one of the ...

Encryption debate is a top focus at Five Eyes meeting

6/27/2017 Australia's attorney general, George Brandis, published a memo this weekend detailing a plan to seek greater legal powers against encrypted data in the meeting with representatives of the United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand and the United States. “As ...

Ransomware Rears Its Head Again As 150 Countries Hit By New Virus

6/27/2017 Ransomware cyberattacks broke out Tuesday from the United States to India to Russia, where computer systems monitoring radiation at the site of the former Chernobyl nuclear plant were knocked offline.

New ransomware attack hits Europe

6/27/2017 A new ransomware attack strikes Europe primarily affecting the Ukraine, where the central bank, state-backed telecom, and major metro and airport have all suffered.

One Company in Norway Under Ongoing Ransomware Attack ...

6/27/2017 OSLO - A ransomware cyber attack is taking place this afternoon in Norway and is affecting an unnamed "international company", the Nordic country's national ...

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6/27/2017 The world didn't learn its lesson from WannaCry. Unpatched Windows PCs are locking up across the globe, bringing many government systems and businesses to a halt.

Companies around the world are being hit by another massive ransomware attack

6/27/2017 A massive cyberattack is spreading around the world right now, with companies telling employees to go home as their machines are hit by malicious software.

Global Biglaw Firm 'Paralyzed' By New Ransomware Attack

6/27/2017 In May, the WannaCry ransomware attack infected hundreds of thousands of computers worldwide, and global Biglaw firms like DLA Piper were quick to tout their expertise in cybersecurity compliance, offering solutions for affected companies up to and ...

A Ransomware Outbreak Is Infecting Computers Across the World ...

6/27/2017 A quickly-spreading, world-wide ransomware outbreak has reportedly hit targets in Spain, France, Ukraine, Russia, and other countries.

New ransomware outbreak hits organisations around the world

6/27/2017 A ransomware outbreak is once again being blamed for computer chaos at organisations around the world. The Ukrainian interior minister has said his country is facing the biggest cyber attack in its history.

Ransomware Victims Are Unable to Decrypt Files After Email Provider Controversially Shuts Down Attackers' Inbox

6/27/2017 Another major cyberattack attack is quickly spreading across Europe and has now infected systems in the US as well. Researchers at Symantec and other leading security firms are confirming that ransomware is being spread via EternalBlue, an exploit ...

Is This Company The Source Of The 'NotPetya' Ransomware Explosion?

6/27/2017 A little-known Ukrainian software firm is facing allegations it's one major source of today's ransomware explosion.

Factbox: Companies Hit by Global Ransomware Attack on June 27

6/27/2017 Olaf Koch, chief executive of German retailer Metro, addresses a news conference in Duesseldorf, Germany, March 30, 2016. REUTERS/Ina Fassbender/File Photo Reuters.

Ransomware: More and smarter scams coming soon

6/27/2017 Ransomware is here to stay and is only going to get more dangerous as cybercriminals move towards increasingly sophisticated forms of the cryptographic malware to carry out targeted attacks.

New ransomware outbreak causes mass disruption in Europe

6/27/2017 The number of companies and agencies reportedly affected by the ransomware campaign was piling up fast, and the electronic rampage appeared to be rapidly snowballing into a real-world world crisis.

A new ransomware outbreak similar to WCry is shutting down ...

6/27/2017 A new ransomware attack similar to last month's self-replicating WCry outbreak is sweeping the world with at least 80 large companies infected, reportedly ...

A new ransomware attack is infecting airlines, banks, and utilities across Europe

6/27/2017 A major ransomware attack has brought businesses to a close throughout Europe, in an infection reminiscent of last month's WannaCry attack.

Ransomware, the weapon wielded in cyber attacks

6/27/2017 Several simple rules can be followed to reduce the risks of a ransomware attack. Among them are regularly updating security software which can correct any flaws exploited by the virus. In case of a cyberattack, the authorities advise disconnecting the ...

What can I do to address hardware vulnerabilities in my network?

6/27/2017 Edge devices and other SNMP-managed gear can also become points of exposure for hackers looking to exploit security holes that may exist in network components.

Six quick facts to know about today's global ransomware attack

6/27/2017 Just like last time, the unknown attacker used a backdoor exploit developed by the National Security Agency, EternalBlue, which leaked some months ago.

Waratek Introduces New Security Features in June Release

6/27/2017 DUBLIN and ATLANTA, June 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Waratek, the virtualization-based application security company, has added new critical protection ...

Google reveals Windows flaw that gives access to kernel memory, as Microsoft didn't fix it

6/27/2017 Google says that Microsoft has informed it that the vulnerability can be reproduced on machines running on Windows 7 through Windows 10.

Another Massive Ransomware Outbreak Is Going Global Fast

6/27/2017 Later, security firms, including Kaspersky and Avast, said the malware responsible was actually an entirely new ransomware that had borrowed Petya code.

BlackTech Exploits Leaked Hacking Team Tools to Commit Cyber Espionage

6/27/2017 A very aggressive cybergang has been targeting Asian companies by repurposing legitimate tools and exploiting security vulnerabilities in outdated software. According to the International Business Times, the group, known as BlackTech, is linked to ...

Microsoft Confirms Skype Outage Is Global, DDoS Attack Suggested

6/27/2017 Despite the increasing amount of DDoS attacks it seems that very few businesses keep a regular check on DNS traffic or maintain detailed audit trails for DNS lookups. By recording and analysing statistics, administrators can examine their data for ...

Digital Blackmail: Your Money or Your Data

6/27/2017 As you may remember, last fall, we were reading about, and maybe experiencing, about a major botnet-based DDOS attack against Dyn's DNS service. This attack employed roughly 100,000 network connected devices, including surveillance cameras, and ...

Existing security can't handle DNS attacks

6/27/2017 Knowledge of DNS-based attacks is low, with only 51 per cent of businesses aware of DNS-based malware (despite as much as 91 per cent of malware using DNS, according to a 2016 Cisco report). 41 per cent were aware of DNS DDoS attacks and 26 per ...

Hackers threaten South Korean banks with DDoS attacks following record ransomware payment

6/27/2017 The Armada Collective hacking group has issued a ransom demand of approximately $315,000 to seven South Korean banks, threatening to launch distributed denial of service attacks against each of their organizations.

China agrees to fight corporate hacking in Canada

6/27/2017 In Canada, the most serious case involved the alleged hacking in 2014 of the National Research Council (NRC), which the country's electronic eavesdropping agency said was conducted by "a highly sophisticated Chinese state-sponsored actor.

Europe, especially Ukraine, targeted by hackers in massive cyber attack

6/27/2017 Major global firms are reporting they're under attack, including British advertising agency WPP, Russian oil and gas giant Rosneft and Danish shipping firm Maersk.

Hackers increasingly targeting oil, gas companies

6/27/2017 Technology advances, such as Royal Dutch Shell Plc's recent control of operations in Argentina from an operating center in Canada, offer new openings for hackers, the authors wrote. At the same time, older equipment retrofitted for cybersecurity ...

Rosneft Keeps Oil Flowing as Hackers Target Russia, Ukraine

6/27/2017 Rosneft PJSC said oil output was uninterrupted after the servers of Russia's largest crude producer were infected by a virus that targeted companies across the country and neighboring Ukraine.

FBI: Hackers Extorted $28 Million in Cryptocurrencies Last Year

6/27/2017 When launching such attacks, the hackers target electronic devices - mostly computers and laptops - with malware that locks up the data of the machines.

Israel's Online War: Spies 'Attacking Hackers' to Counter Wave of Cyber Threats

6/27/2017 Israel's domestic security service says its operatives are "attacking hackers" who attempt to harm the country as it continues to battle a wave of cyber attacks from across the world.

New cyberattack spreads fast across the globe

6/27/2017 The Ukrainian Interior Ministry adviser said the cyberattacks were using a modified version of the "WannaCry" malware that was found to be at the heart of a massive, global attack by hackers earlier this year -- one that cost companies billions of dollars.

UK defence secretary threatens military strikes against hackers

6/27/2017 The UK could carry out military strikes in response to cyber attacks, the UK defence secretary has said. Sir Michael Fallon told the Chatham House think tank the UK had the ability to respond to hackers "from any domain - air, land, sea or cyber". Sir ...

Hackers cause disruption in several European countries

6/27/2017 A massive new international cyberattack via a ransomware virus dubbed Petya has paralysed businesses across Europe and is spreading elsewhere.

Hackers strike across Europe, sparking widespread disruption

6/27/2017 Hackers have caused widespread disruption across Europe in the past few hours, hitting Ukraine especially hard. Company and government officials reported serious intrusions at the Ukrainian power grid, banks and government offices.

China Cybersecurity Law: Key Takeaways for Financial Services Firms in China

6/27/2017 There are hefty penalties for breaches, including fines of up to RMB1 million (approx.. US$150,000) and confiscation of monies illegally obtained for certain offences.

Microsoft details new Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection features, promises Windows Server support

6/27/2017 And of course there will be developer APIs for automating systems from alerts, machine timelines, files, user data, and to instruct Windows Defender ATP to programmatically perform remediation actions.

China's New Cybersecurity Law Targets Infrastructure Players ...

6/27/2017 China's broad new Cybersecurity Law, slated to go into effect on June 1, imposes sweeping data security requirements on network operators and…

DLA Piper Victim of Massive Malware Attack

6/27/2017 The global law firm DLA Piper fell victim on Tuesday to a widespread cyber attack, which reportedly disabled networks at dozens of companies.

New cyberattack causes mass disruption globally

6/27/2017 "Data breaches and cyber hacks are one of the biggest risks facing business worldwide," said Michelle Crorie, a partner at law firm Clyde & Co.

Europe cyberattack also breaches Merck headquarters in US

6/27/2017 Pharmaceutical giant Merck - whose US headquarters is in Kenilworth, NJ - confirmed Tuesday its computer network was hacked as part of a new, massive cyberattack in Europe.

3 Ways Corporations are Keeping Track of Data Breaches

6/27/2017 In many cases, large companies will learn that their system has been breached, only after subsequent performance issues cause their network to malfunction. Before becoming aware of the breach, the company has no way of securing its data because the ...

Dedicated police unit tackles cybercrime in Halton

6/27/2017 This is the new age of cybercrime - a term that used to refer to hacking, but is now expanding in law enforcement to include all online aspects of crimes and police work.

Hubby hacks wife to death

6/27/2017 LAHAN, June 27: A man has killed his wife with a sharp weapon in Bhagawan Rural Municipality in the Siraha district on Tuesday. According to police, Bal Krishna Yadav, 35, hacked his wife Ram Kala Yadav, 25, to death.

Android Users Rejoice! Twitter Update Brings Automatic Night Mode

6/27/2017 If you're like me and you typically find yourself scrolling through Twitter before bed, you will be psyched about this new update for Android.

6 Useful Hacks That Will Make You Ditch Fourth Of July Packing Stress For Good

6/27/2017 So, you bought a bunch of new clothes for your vacay, but how on Earth is it all going to fit in your tiny bag? Again, no one wants to deal with those extra charges for having more than one bag.

9 Productivity Hacks That Will Add Hours To Your Day

6/27/2017 It's hard not to watch those you admire from afar - your favorite musician, a groundbreaking entrepreneur, maybe even your boss - and wonder, "How does she do it?

3 weird beauty hacks Margot Robbie swears by

6/27/2017 In a recent interview with Elle UK, Robbie talked self-care tricks for getting that Hollywood glow. But unlike some A-listers whose beauty regimens mirror their lavish lifestyles, Robbie's beauty hacks are surprisingly down-to-earth.

Bitcoin exchange operator tied to hacks gets five-and-a-half years US prison

6/27/2017 Bitcoin exchange operator tied to hacks gets five-and-a-half years U.S. prison. Anthony Murgio arrives for a hearing at the Manhattan Federal Courthouse in New York, U.S.

Spying on Citizens with Malware Aimed to Battle Criminals

6/27/2017 The Mexican government reportedly targeted supporters of a soda tax to reduce sugar conception with spyware. The above ad asks, "Would you give them 12 tablespoons of sugar because you give them soda?

Ohio government websites back online after being hit by hackers

6/27/2017 The same group reportedly hit sites for Howard County, Maryland and the New York Post reports government sites for Brookhaven, New York were hacked. State officials say they are working with law enforcement to investigate. The FBI and Department of ...

Brit Playboy model April Summers reveals how Instagram hackers tried to ruin her career leaving her so shocked she ...

6/27/2017 A BRITISH Playboy model has revealed how cyber attackers attempted to ruin her career by hacking into her Instagram account.

From beaches to breaches: Protecting the data in your pocket

6/27/2017 When an employee leaves the corporate network behind and accesses corporate email, data and files directly from their unsecured device, their organisation loses its traditional ability to protect corporate data like it would within the network. All up ...

The Reality of Cybercrime: 3 Things You Need to Do Now

6/27/2017 Get educated about cybersecurity. You can't defend against what you don't understand. Cybercrime is real. It's a threat to all organizations; Implement a cybersecurity strategy.

PNG Media Council to get legal Opinion on Cybercrime Act

6/27/2017 The Media Council of Papua New Guinea in a press release today stated that they will be getting legal opinion on the effects of the O'Neill Dion Governments 2016 Cybercrime Act on press freedom, freedom of expression and public access to government ...

SA, France Partner to Fight Cybercrime

6/27/2017 With South Africa's cybercrime attacks on the rise, government is set to collaborate with France in order to boost the cyber and digital skills capacities which are key in investigating such crimes.

INDIANA IN DEPTH: Hoosier schools preparing cyber crime fighters

6/27/2017 Tribune-Star /Joseph C. Garza Eye on the outlaws: Ivy Tech Community College student David Houchin says he sees today's hackers and cybercriminals equivalent to the outlaws of the Old West.

As Hong Kong Banks Face a Fast-Approaching Cyber Security Deadline, PhishLine is Playing an Essential Role in ...

6/27/2017 PhishLine's unique approach to security training allows security awareness mangers to choose from thousands of security awareness training resources, while aligning the training with live-fire social engineering tests. The goal is clear: provide ...

Stephen E Arnold: Dark Web Use Expected to Increase

6/27/2017 Arnold was a featured speaker this month at the at the Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC, where he explained how the Dark Web operates and how investigators can assume a secret identity and acquire the necessary tools ...

Funny Money: Exploring the Connection Between Bitcoin and Ransomware

6/27/2017 Within days, theorists came out of the woodwork to characterize the attack as some kind of subtle terrorist or government-backed operation.

Ransomware is a real threat, says Reftech

6/27/2017 The recent ransomware attack that disrupted the NHS, Deutsche Bahn, FedEx and others should act as a wake up call to company directors everywhere.

Shin Bet Chief: Hackers Targeting Israel Often Experience 'Unexpected Mishaps'

6/27/2017 ... the Shin Bet has been working with its partners in the intelligence and defense communities to confront a variety of challenges in the cybersecurity field - from state-sponsored threats and terrorist organizations to individual hackers acting ...

How the CIA hacks computers that aren't connected to the internet

6/27/2017 Air-gapped computers are supposed to be ultra-secure PCs that can't be infected with malware that spreads with the help of the internet.

Stephen E Arnold: Dark Web Use Expected to Increase

6/27/2017 Arnold was a featured speaker this month at the at the Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference in Myrtle Beach, SC, where he explained how the Dark Web operates and how investigators can assume a secret identity and acquire the necessary tools ...

SafeSwiss' world-leading encrypted messaging app extends support for a further four x Languages

6/27/2017 The platform's robust security and privacy is based on ephemeral messaging using cutting-edge end-to-end (E2E) elliptic curve cryptography encryption, meaning messages can only be decrypted by the sender's or recipient's devices in both one-to-one and ...

The anatomy of a ransomware attack – keeping your organisation immune

6/27/2017 Ransomware is a type of malware that, as the name suggests, takes a user's data hostage and then holds it for ransom. If users do not pay the ransom, hackers threaten to delete their information.

Google, Amazon And Deep Instinct Deploy AI To Fight Malware

6/27/2017 Deep Instinct co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Eli David says the day when a computer is as smart as a human, or smarter, may be a lot closer than many think.

Global DNS Threat Survey Report From EfficientIP Estimates DNS-Based Attacks Cost Businesses More Than $2M ...

6/27/2017 The Global DNS Threat Survey Report also estimates the yearly average costs of the damages caused by DNS attacks to be $2.236 million.

Shin Bet director: Hackers experience 'unexpected errors' when targeting Israel

6/27/2017 Shin Bet director: Hackers experience 'unexpected errors' when targeting Israel. Director Nadav Argaman says his agency was able to thwart many terror attacks thanks to cyber security activity, saying Israel's intelligence agencies play both defense ...

Ransomware Is no Match for Livingston County

6/27/2017 Over the last few years, ransomware has emerged as an epidemic and has crippled businesses, educational institutions and government entities.

New ransomware demands $33000 payout

6/27/2017 Ransomware attacks grew at an alarming rate last year. According to the FBI, victims paid nearly $1 billion in ransom in 2016.

Ransomware revisited – is it really the worst sort of malware? [PODCAST]

6/27/2017 In this episode: Is ransomware really the worst sort of cyberattack you can experience? Or is it more of a “worst among equals,” given all the other sorts of malware out there too? Sophos security expert James Burchell explains what to do when faced ...

Microsoft Patches 96 Security Vulnerabilties in June Patch Update

6/27/2017 Out of the 96 bugs patches by Microsoft, 18 are rated as having critical severity with two issues being actively exploited in the wild. Among the actively exploited vulnerabilities is one identified as CVE-2017-8464 that bears some resemblance to the ...

Can the Federal Government Move to a World Where Software Is Secure by Default?

6/27/2017 Zero-day vulnerabilities are the stuff of cybersecurity defenders' nightmares, since the vulnerabilities in systems haven't been discovered, are not publicly known and cannot be patched.

Tiniest Control Board Fits Inside an N-Gauge Model Train

6/27/2017 The sensor was small enough for an N-gauge train, which translates to 1:148 scale or about 9mm from rail to rail. His idea was to build a tiny control board that could fit inside the locomotive: 10mm by 40mm.

Organisations need stronger cyber-resilience to counter cyber-threats

6/27/2017 Of those who had experienced a cyber-disruption, over half (57 percent) revealed that phishing or social engineering had been one of the causes.

Federal review debunks Georgia election hack accusation

6/27/2017 The letter said investigators with the inspector general's Digital Forensics and Analysis Unit reviewed computer data from the federal agency, Kemp's office and also interviewed a contractor.

Cryptocurrencies: The Future of Digital Payments

6/27/2017 Cryptocurrency is a completely decentralized, digital currency that uses blockchain encryption techniques to process transactions and verify the transfer of funds.

CipherLoc Patent's New Stealth Key Encryption Technology

6/27/2017 AUSTIN, TX / ACCESSWIRE / June 27, 2017 / CipherLoc Corporation (OTCQB: CLOK), a leading provider of highly secure data protection technology, today announced a set of innovations that could potentially eliminate the need to share cryptographic keys ...

Ransomware Attack Affects 500000 Patients

6/27/2017 A ransomware attack on a provider of oxygen therapy and home medical equipment has resulted in the second largest health data breach posted on the federal tally so far this year.

New Shifr RaaS Lets Any Dummy Enter the Ransomware Business

6/27/2017 Several security researchers have spotted a new Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) portal over the weekend that lets anyone generate their own ransomware executable just by filling in three form fields and pressing a button. The entry level for this new ...

New Mobile Malware Can Drain Bank Accounts

6/27/2017 Internet users are constantly being warned to be careful when downloading software. However, this is a bit difficult when malware is pretending to be official updates. This is exactly what a new variant of a malicious malware can do, which can steal ...

The Hackers Russia-Proofing Germany's Elections

6/27/2017 Germany's voting computers were so vulnerable to tampering that they could be reprogrammed to play chess, the hackers boasted.

Business owners to learn how to protect against Cybercrime

6/27/2017 In the wake of the NHS ransomware attack which forced hospitals to cancel appointments and delay treatment the Shropshire Business Partnership will host 'Cybercrime - are you really well prepared?' and help owners to find out more about how to protect ...

Small business security: three steps to prevent cybercrime

6/27/2017 Small businesses in South Africa have a lot on their plate and cyber security may not always be front of mind, but there are three key things entrepreneurs can do to protect their organisations, writes Gary Turner, managing director for Europe, Middle ...

The top eBay shopping hacks to save money for End of Financial Year sales

6/27/2017 Whether you're a seasoned online shopper or new to the scene, there are a few tricks to ensure you get more bang for your buck.

Ransomware Virus Attacks Cameras Styled with Red-Light and Speed

6/26/2017 A particular PC-virus has infected over 50 cameras featured to be red-light and speedy, with State Government stating that the infringement notices that have been issued will continue as before.

Scam Report: PowerPoint social engineering attack installs malware

6/26/2017 Researchers at security firm SentinelOne reported that a group of hackers is using malicious PowerPoint files to distribute "Zusy," a banking trojan, also known as "Tinba" (Tiny Banker).

New Research Shows Cybersecurity Battleground Shifting to Linux and Web Servers

6/26/2017 SEATTLE, June 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- WatchGuard® Technologies, a leader in advanced network security solutions, today announced the findings of its quarterly Internet Security Report, which explores the latest computer and network security threats ...

Hackers could fairly easily cause big damage to Qld's water system

6/26/2017 The Queensland Audit Office conducted penetration tests [pdf] on a "selection" of unnamed water operators to identify and exploit security vulnerabilities, and to see how well the operators could detect the breaches and restore systems in the event of ...

Media will be happy with Cybercrime Bill—Cuffie

6/26/2017 Public Administration and Communications Minister Maxie Cuffie says he is confident that after Parliament's Joint Select Committee completes its deliberations on the Cybercrime Bill, all stakeholders, including the media, will be happy with the ...

Improve Battery Life on Your iPhone in iOS 11

6/26/2017 The new iOS 11 was just released by Apple for beta testing, and you can install it right now. Overall, it's got some great features, but how does it fare battery-wise on your iPhone?

Simple Wave Generation in Python (and SciPy)

6/26/2017 [153Armstrong] did a short post on how easy it is to generate waveforms using Python. We agree it is simple, but actually, it isn't so much Python per se, it is some pretty cool libraries (SciPy, in particular) that do all the hard work.

Secretary of State: No interference with Georgia's voter database

6/26/2017 In his letter to the DHS, Kemp demanded answers from Johnson, saying nobody from his office approved the attempted network breaches. He received a response, but was not ... Broce said it was simply a DHS contractor searching the state website in a way ...

Pro-ISIS Group Hacks State and Local Sites

6/26/2017 This weekend, state and local websites displayed a pro-ISIS message due to a hack that is being claimed by a group called Team System DZ.

This Windows Defender bug was so gaping its PoC exploit had to be encrypted

6/26/2017 Microsoft recently patched a critical vulnerability in its ubiquitous built-in antivirus engine. The vulnerability could have allowed attackers to execute malicious code by luring users to a booby-trapped website or attaching a booby-trapped file to an ...

Ohio government websites back online after being hit by hackers

6/26/2017 The same group reportedly hit sites for Howard County, Maryland and the New York Post reports government sites for Brookhaven, New York were hacked. State officials say they are working with law enforcement to investigate. The FBI and Department of ...

Hackers hit 75% of drillers

6/26/2017 [NEW YORK] Three out of four oil and natural gas companies fell victim to at least one cyber attack last year as hacking efforts against the industry become more frequent and sophisticated.

Experts Say Fight Financial Hackers the 'Old School' Way

6/26/2017 Today it seems like every app and website wants to store your username and password, but maybe that's not such a good idea. "If you are remembering your username and password on your cell phone and don't have a lock screen on that phone, God forbid, ...

Media Council check effects of Cyber Crime Act

6/26/2017 The Media Council will get legal opinion on the effects of the O'NeillDion Government's 2016 Cyber crime Act on press freedom, freedom of expression and public access to government information in Papua New Guinea.

In An AI World, Work Changes Radically, and Government Takes the Lead

6/26/2017 The only way we can get through such an era of dislocation, Lee argues, is massive Keynesian social engineering. Governments will have to tax the corporate wealth AI creates and use those resources to fund new kinds of work for the masses whose jobs AI ...

BBB Bureau Briefs: Summer identity theft scams

6/26/2017 Common forms of this type of theft include financial or banking, social security, medical, child, insurance, criminal, driver's license, employment, synthetic, and tax identity thefts.

Is Mac malware a growing threat?

6/26/2017 Here's how I read that: The number of instances of Mac malware may be going up, but we're not seeing more of the really bad things - viruses, worms, Trojan horses, ransomware and spyware.

Another RCE Vulnerability Patched in Microsoft Malware Protection Engine

6/26/2017 Google Project Zero continues to scrape away at the ubiquitous Microsoft Malware Protection Engine at the core of many security products embedded in Windows, and it continues to discover new critical vulnerabilities. The latest, another remote code ...

Neil Mohindra: Cyber fraud is only getting worse in Canada — but the punishments are getting lighter

6/26/2017 Between recent ransomware attacks like “WannaCry” and warnings from the Bank of Canada's June financial review that the country's bank sector is vulnerable to hacking attacks that could undermine the financial system, cybercrime is getting a lot of ...

ISIS hacks Gov. Kasich's website and other government websites

6/26/2017 ISIS hacks Gov. Kasich's website and other government websites. ISIS hacks Gov. Kasich's website and 10 other government websites spreading propaganda saying the terror group's presence will grow and remain.

Facebook searches for meaning

6/26/2017 Much like the creation of Facebook itself - arguably the largest social-engineering project in history - that shift could have broad and unanticipated consequences.

High school students dip their toes into river science

6/26/2017 “The type of research I do addresses practical, social, engineering, and research problems, and lends itself naturally to outreach opportunities like this one,” Nelson said.

C-Suite Role Is Evolving — What Do You Need to Succeed as Digital Investigators?

6/26/2017 Corporations across every industry continue to increase focus on compliance, as evidenced by the growing number of Chief compliance officers (CCO) within large enterprise.

In the Search for 'Trump Tapes,' the President's Handheld Devices Must Be Subpoenaed

6/26/2017 From what I understand about digital forensics, it's entirely possible to recover deleted files from any hard-drive. Even if investigators only find partial remnants of files on the drives, and if the time stamps on those files show any recordings post ...

Federal review debunks Georgia election hack accusation

6/26/2017 The letter said investigators with the inspector general's Digital Forensics and Analysis Unit reviewed computer data from the federal agency, Kemp's office and also interviewed a contractor.

Alexa's new calling feature means it's really time to set up two-factor authentication

6/26/2017 Brian Moran of digital forensics company BriMor Labs discovered the issue while testing the app on multiple devices. As he found, the first sign-in by a user on a mobile device requires a PIN delivered by SMS to verify the user, but this is the only ...

Australia announces plan to ban working cryptography at home and in the US, UK, New Zealand, and Canada

6/26/2017 Working encryption is how we ensure that malicious parties don't hack our voting machines, pacemakers, home cameras, telephones, banking systems, power grids, and other key systems.

HMS Queen Elizabeth could be vulnerable to cyber-attack

6/26/2017 During a tour of the carrier, screens were spotted using what appeared to be the outdated 2001 Windows XP operating system. That OS was targeted by the WannaCry ransomware attack in May that disrupted parts of the NHS and other companies worldwide.

How Spora ransomware tries to fool antivirus

6/26/2017 Spora ransomware first detected in January is back with a new technique that attempts to confuse and bypass antivirus products and email filters, SophosLabs researchers have discovered.

500000 affected in ransomware attack on home medical equipment supplier

6/26/2017 Michigan-based Airway Oxygen was hit by a ransomware attack in April that may have compromised the data of 500,000 clients, the home medical equipment supplier reported to the U.S.

Koler ransomware campaign targets US Android users

6/26/2017 A new variant of the Koler ransomware targets U.S. users with fake Pornhub apps in its latest campaign, Bleeping Computer researchers discovered last week.

$1 Million Ransomware Payment Has Spurred New DDoS-for-Bitcoin Attacks

6/26/2017 The ransom demands were sent - not surprisingly - just two days after news broke in the international press that a South Korean web hosting company paid over $1 million in a ransomware demand. Nayana's payment was the largest ransomware payment ...

FBI Highlights BEC, Tech Support Scams, Ransomware Concerns

6/26/2017 While ransomware has been top-of-mind for security leaders following the massive WannaCry attack, it has been a growing cybercrime concern for far longer.

Svpeng Behind a Spike in Mobile Ransomware

6/26/2017 The sting of mobile ransomware grew more painful in 2017 with attacks increasing a whopping 3.5 times in the first quarter compared to the same time a year ago.

Using neural nets to snag malware before it strikes

6/26/2017 The problem with most antivirus and antimalware software is that it often can't detect malicious behavior until damage has already been done.

Explainer: how malware gets inside your apps

6/26/2017 The recent Judy malware, for example, was reportedly found in 41 apps in the Google Play store. It seems to have made money for its creators by repeatedly auto-clicking on advertisements.

Spot malware and troubleshoot PCs with QuickDiag

6/26/2017 QuickDiag is a portable tool which creates an in-depth and highly technical report on your Windows setup, running processes and installed applications.

Malware goes after financial info of Android users

6/26/2017 NEW YORK Hackers are again targeting Android users with a form of malware that goes after their financial information. The latest variant of the Marcher Android malware is disguised as an Adobe Flash update, the cloud security company Zscaler reported.

New Malware Employs Known Technique of Using Infected PCs as C&Cs

6/26/2017 Questions are often raised about what purpose cyber-criminals have when they seek to damage PCs and hurt Internauts by tainting their PCs using various types of malware. So it requires being noted that monetary earnings are a very big motivation for ...

How to Choose a DDoS Protection Service for Your Websites

6/26/2017 Or you may think of the attack in October 2016 when subscribers couldn't access the New York Times or Wired because hackers used DDoS to attack the DNS provider. In those cases, the system was hit with so many requests from bots around the globe that ...

Spicer rewrites history, says Trump was just joking when he publicly encouraged Russian hackers

6/26/2017 The new line Spicer's pushing about Trump's encouragement of Russian hackers is similar to the about-face Trump made with regard to Wikileaks, a website the US intelligence community believes Russian military intelligence used to publish of information ...

Hackers Place ISIS Propaganda On Town Of Brookhaven Website

6/26/2017 Dozens of other government sites across the country were also hacked. Brookhaven Town Hall is the center of local government for half a million Long Islanders, 60 miles from New York City, and a world away from ISIS strongholds.

British Parliament Targeted by Brute-Force Email Hackers

6/26/2017 Members of Parliament in Britain, as well as staff and civil servants, have had their remote email access suspended after technology teams detected signs that someone was attempting to hack into a large number of their accounts.

Hackers Hit 75% of Drillers as Sketchy Monitoring Is Blamed

6/26/2017 Three out of four oil and natural gas companies fell victim to at least one cyber attack last year as hacking efforts against the industry become more frequent and sophisticated.

Tactics for defending IoT devices from hackers often overlooked, experts say

6/26/2017 But infosec pros can benefit from the sometimes-overlooked methods of protection, which security experts point to as high-value tactics against hackers. “IoT devices are clearly becoming pervasive, and when it comes to healthcare devices, the impact on ...

Ohio government sites hacked with pro-Islamic State message

6/26/2017 Government websites in the state of Ohio on Sunday were defaced with pro-Islamic State messages. The hacked websites displayed a message, purportedly from IS supporters, against a black-and-white background reminiscent of the IS flag.

Cybersecurity: A top priority among companies, organizations

6/26/2017 Cyberattacks occur all the time, in all kinds of ways, all over the world - from the WannaCry ransomware attack that spread across nonupdated networks and systems across the globe to a seemingly innocuous email from a company's IT department disguised ...

48 Percent of US Companies Using IoT Have Suffered Security Breaches

6/26/2017 Respondents' leading reasons for purchasing an IoT security solution were "preventing loss of control over IoT devices," "preventing breaches of customer information," and "preventing breaches of company data." In choosing an IoT security solution, ...

Healthcare security breaches: Tactics attackers use and what to do

6/26/2017 What Singletary means by this is really sharing information about data breaches. "Sharing information is really valuable to other organizations that are going to face the same issues down the road," he said.

New network solutions to curb SME security breaches

6/26/2017 They are aimed at allowing IT move from tedious traditional processes to automating intent, making it possible to manage millions of devices in minutes, Interpreting data in context to enable the network provide new insights and unleashing data to ...

Can Frequent Security Training Help Thwart "As-A-Service" Attacks?

6/26/2017 But it's also made it a lot more convenient for the wrong people, take cybercriminals for example, who are able to buy phishing attacks as a service with nothing more than a bitcoin wallet.

Neil Mohindra: Cyber fraud is only getting worse in Canada — but the punishments are getting lighter

6/26/2017 Between recent ransomware attacks like “WannaCry” and warnings from the Bank of Canada's June financial review that the country's bank sector is vulnerable to hacking attacks that could undermine the financial system, cybercrime is getting a lot of ...

Cybercrime Officials Shutdown Large eBook Portal, Three Arrested

6/26/2017 Three individuals believed to be behind a large illicit eBook portal have been arrested. carried an estimated 200,000 titles, including eBooks, audiobooks, and newspapers, each downloadable for a small fee.

New Threats? No Problem! Identify Emerging Cybercrime Trends Early to Fight Financial Fraud

6/26/2017 Every year, cyberattacks become more sophisticated, new malware emerges and fraud losses rise. Have you ever looked at your banking information to see a transaction that you didn't make?

FBI report: Minnesotans reported losing $12.6 million to cybercrime in 2016

6/26/2017 The bureau's internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), which released its annual report on cybercrime this month, said it believes just 15 percent of victims report their cases to the authorities.